I am a photographer developing media for NFT, AI, and photography.
NFT is a technology that represents the one and only digital asset on the network and AI is artificial intelligence, a technology that makes computers have human-like intelligence.
Using these technologies, I am exploring new ways of expressing photography.

The web magazine “NFT Artista” interviews NFT creators and introduces their works.
NFT creators are active in a variety of fields and genres, and we are impressed by their creativity and vision.
We hope to convey the appeal and potential of NFT by spreading the word about their works and ideas.

We introduce AI, photography, and NFT on our Youtube channel.
AI can give various effects and changes to photos.
For example, it is possible to have AI change the style of a photo, or add movement or music to a photo.
We hope to provide useful information for people interested in photography by explaining how to use AI and its tips in an easy-to-understand manner.

We believe that by using NFT and AI, we can expand the possibilities of photography.
Photography is not just a still image; it can be a dynamic and diverse medium.
I intend to continue to use NFT and AI to create a new world of photography.

Advertising Photographer / 「NFT Artista」Founder / 「Photo Magazine Jena」Founder