NFT Art Creators “TETETE”

The NFT creator we would like to introduce this time is TETETE.

TETETE is active not only in OpenSea, but also in foundation.
He is a creator with a wonderful sensibility to express color schemes and a sense of movement.


NFT Art Creators “TETETE”

NFT Art Collection by TETETE

「tetete illust」

TETETE’s OpenSea collection「tetete illust

  • items : 19
  • owners : 44
  • floor price : 0.2ETH
  • total volume : 2ETH
    (As of February 2023)

TETETE’s illustration room.
This is a collection of pop girls.

「Tetete Palette」

TETETE’s OpenSea collection「Tetete Palette

  • items : 3
  • owners : 3
  • floor price : 3ETH
  • total volume : 2ETH
    (As of February 2023)

This collection is based on the theme of color.

Interview with TETETE

It’s funny in both letter and sound


What is the origin of the name TETETE?


I put it on in 15 seconds.haha
I like it very much because the letters and the sound are hailing and funny.

TETETE’s paintings don’t have a colorful style.


Now I would like to ask you some questions about your work.

What kind of work environment do you use to create your artwork?


I use a Macintosh PC, Crysta software, and a Wacom intuos5 pen tab.☆


How did you come to your current style?


Originally, I changed my style from time to time according to the request, so it was difficult for me to settle on a certain taste in painting.haha


It is difficult to establish your own color when you are doing client work because of the orders you receive.


That’s when my friend CHAN (@TinyCorp_NFT) invited me to join NFT.

CHAN looked at some of my past works and advised me that a colorful style would be good for Tete’s paintings, which led me to my current style.

As a result, I really like my current style, and I am very grateful to CHAN…!


When you paint people, is there a specific order in which you paint them?


I often draw outline -> eyes -> nose -> mouth -> hair -> body.

We use a lot of colors, so it is very important for the colors to resonate with each other


Many of your works are colorful. What do you pay attention to in terms of color schemes?


Because we use so many colors, we place great importance on how the colors resonate with each other.

If I adjust one color, the balance with the other colors may be lost, so I re-tweak all the colors.

It is only one color, but I think it is my identity, and I want to be particular about it.


It is true that TETETE’s work uses a lot of colors, so I agree that the slightest thing can throw it out of balance.


The rest may look like we are simply placing colors in a flippant manner? In fact, however, we follow a surprisingly rigorous process.

For example, when expressing a gradation from red to blue, instead of mixing red and blue to create a neutral color, we use colors that fall between red and blue on the hue circle, such as red, pink, purple, and blue.

By doing so, we can make the colors appear vibrant without dulling them.

At the end of the day, however, it is your own sense that you should rely on.


The color scheme was created with this in mind, so the colors are not out of place, even if they are colorful.


I rarely use layer modes such as multiply and overlay.

I tend to shy away from them because they are difficult to control and do not produce the desired color tones when used in my current style.

I love the illustrations I create when I decide to use overlays, etc., so I would like to secretly present them someday.


There are three different collections. What are your aims and future plans for them?


TETETE illust was the first collection I made.

I didn’t understand the meaning of a collection at the time, so I had no particular aim.

Palette” is a collection of colorful works that I have limited the number of colors I use.

By limiting the colors, I wanted to bring out the simple charm of monochromatic colors.

I also like the cleanness of the illustrations, which is hard to achieve with colorful illustrations.

Each time, I decide on a theme color and develop it.

COLORS (FND’s collection), as the name suggests, is sold on colorfulness, and I draw colorful pictures with all my might! It is an image like that lol! As it is!

I would like to draw illustrations that fully express design.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us other than the questions you have just asked?


Actually, I have a long experience as a designer, so I am also good at designing.☆(´>∀<`)ゝ

I would like to draw illustrations that are fully focused on design in the future!


Any final comments for our readers?


Thank you to all of you who have always supported TETETE…!

It has already been 3 months since I gave birth to my son at the beginning of April! I gave birth to my son at the beginning of April, and it has already been 3 months…! What a surprise.

When I came back to work, I thought I might have been forgotten already. I was really happy that they accepted me.


You have had your child for 3 months?

You are so powerful, I didn’t realize it at all.haha


I have always loved drawing, so even before NFT started, I have been drawing all the time, both in my work and private life.

I am very happy to have made a connection with you all and to feel that what I have been drawing until now is connected…!

I still have many more illustration concepts I want to show you all, and just imagining them lately has been exciting! LOL!

Thank you for your continued support of TETETE☆


Thank you very much, TETETE.

After the interview with TETETE

I was surprised to hear your story, that you just had a baby 3 months ago.
I didn’t feel that in the slightest when I was communicating with TETETE.haha

I thought that the sense of color scheme was wonderful, but it is indeed a professional designer who has created the work according to a law, not a feeling.

I believe that her attitude toward her work is conveyed to everyone by the fact that when she adjusts one color, the balance with the other colors is lost, so she re-adjusts all the colors.


TETETE still has many more ideas for illustrations.

We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

If you are interested in the activities of Tete-Tete-san, who has recently successfully completed a generative project, please follow us and give us your reactions!

TETETE’s links


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