About “NFT Artista”

We have launched the web media “NFT Artista” with the theme of “Creators x NFT Art x Media”.
Artista” means “artist” in Italian.

We named the site “Artista” with the hope of supporting all artists (creators) involved in NFT art. The NFT art created by creators is enjoyed by many people, and as a result, the creators gain financial freedom. Through this cycle, we aim to create a world in which creators can concentrate on their creative activities.

NFT art is the realization of a possible future for creators.
We are sending out information to let as many people as possible know about NFT creators who have such potential.

Our target is not only Japan but also the world.
Let’s send out Japan’s wonderful NFT creators to the world stage.
With your support, Web3 can make this seemingly unattainable goal a reality.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment in which creators can have financial freedom and exercise their talents.
In order to achieve our ultimate goal, please give “NFT Artista” your encouraging support!
Of course, I, as the Founder, will do my best to support creators.

Of course, I, the Founder, will do my best to support creators. I hope that NFT Artista will create a friendly world for everyone.

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